Samuel Gaita

Samuel A. Gaita the CEO of Gaita Luxury and Gaita Property Management has received countless
accolades for his real estate expertise, becoming a sought-after industry professional who has been
quoted in several articles and described by various news outlets as a real estate “expert.” Gaita’s
proven skills in travel, real estate, finance, and cost-effective, flexible and comprehensive property
management services benefits luxury travelers, Fine vacation homeowners and investors worldwide.
Sharing and utilizing his expertise, Gaita sits on boards for the vacation rental industry and has become
the go to for real estate fund managers who name him in their private placement memorandum,
leveraging his name and expertise to help raise capital and receive commercial mortgages.

Gaita luxury has raised the bar in the ultra-luxury real estate market, revolutionizing a model that is long
overdue. His team of industry-experts has curated a collection of the world’s rare and exquisite privately-
owned residences, before adding the distinctive Gaita Luxury suite of enhancements.

Then Gaita Luxury
classifies each property into one of four exclusive Diamond Classes:
• Purple Diamond: The world’s most unique and exclusive luxury properties,
• Black Diamond: Opulent, sophisticated and luxurious properties
• Yellow Diamond: A carefully curated selection of fine vacation residences
• Green Diamond: Cutting-edge sustainable properties for the socially conscious traveler

Mr. Gaita, a socially conscious individual, is aware of the privilege real estate has afforded him throughout
his career and has made it his mission to create a financial model for systematically giving back to his
guests, his fine vacation home owners, and the world by helping children in need, through the
revolutionary practices and patented methods he has created for Gaita Luxury.

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